I am Megan Karlen. And I grew up thinking that every nook and cranny had the potential to be a magical place. I'd create villages out of rocks and twigs. I'd peer into tree holes and imagine apartment buildings for birds. I'd get nose-close to ants and spend lots of time staring at the ceiling to figure out what it would be like to live in an upside-down house.

Looking at the world with fresh eyes is a simple act that creates a profound impact on how you experience your daily life. There's a tremendous amount of beauty and magic in the world that we've been taught to ignore. My goal is to inspire you to see it.

You will find that I gear The Pareidolia Project towards kids but adults, don't be fooled! You would be well-advised to join right in. Pareidolia is a very rare all-ages activity. Take advantage of sharing it with the kids in your life.

In addition to The Pareidolia Project, I am a painter and weaver and have been known to work in clay. I am represented by Beauregard Fine Art, a wonderful gallery in Rumson, NJ. And you can find more of my work on TheRoadsEdge.com.