Set #1

Dashboard Piggy

This still makes me laugh! Driving somewhere, I look over and in the center console of the car is this little piggy looking to the right. I almost drove off the road trying to get a photo of it (kidding! I pulled over to take the photo!) Ears perked up and forward, snout sniffing the air, eyes looking longingly at something in the passenger seat, little lower lip tucked in like he's holding his tongue waiting. 

What do you see?


Walking Man Clutching

I can't even really believe that this one exists. That leaves and paper came together to create such a great portrait is beyond comprehension. Not only that, this grouping was just about under the back tire of a parked car outside my apt building. Look at this guy: lab / trench coat, funky hat, alligator-type beak, brown pant leg swishing forward with the momentum of his stride. And what's he clutching?

What do you see?

Victorian Lady (or, angry clown)

I stopped short when I saw this on the ground. I was on 3rd Ave in Brooklyn, yes, right where the new Whole Foods has gone up. Here was this graceful lady, proud, hair up in a bun, high frilly collar; I named her Victorian Lady. And then someone came to the recent TPP show and said: "That Victorian Lady looks a lot like an angry Clarence the Clown". And you know what? I have to agree!

What do you see?