Want Magic? Get Personal.

One of my core beliefs is that a work of art should be as interesting up close as it is from far away. If I had my druthers, we would all be able to stick our noses right up to a van Gogh and muck around in the dabs and color splotches that make up his work.

But we’re taught to view art just outside of our own personal space; or, at an arm’s length away. Personal Space is defined as “the distance that we stand from others at cocktail parties, office parties, social functions and friendly gatherings”. We’ve been trained to view art as if we are attending a cocktail party and we are strictly reminded to heed the warnings: Don’t get too close! Danger! Don’t breathe on it! Stop! You're not allowed to see how the paint was applied! STAY BACK!

Ok, museums have their reasons. They are sitting on priceless works. There’s no upside for them to let us get close to their treasures.

Take a leap of faith now. Release the rules of what art is -- and where and how you see it. Have your own fun looking for your own treasures. It may sound odd but if you let yourself look at things within your personal space, you have a much greater chance of finding moments that will leave you breathless. Leave the cocktail party and get more intimate with your world. There's magic to be found.

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