Pass Go. Collect Growth.

The Learning Process Follows the Creative One.
— Theo Moorman

There it is: Pass Go. Collect $200. Just Do It. Give yourself permission to be creative.

Your job is to follow your creative impulses because it's truly how we learn. It’s the no pain no gain formula turned on it’s head. Go ahead and play, explore, and imagine because learning and growth follow. 

We learn after we do something.

“But I can’t do it until I know how .” How can I start if I don’t know what I’m doing?

Common questions. If we don’t know how to do something, and we can only learn better how to do it AFTER we’ve done it, then what exactly are we doing when we begin?

We are taking a leap of faith.

Step over the fear. Act instinctively. Apply that paint. Knit in a new color. Skateboard off the stair railing. Try that new recipe. When you feel an urge, consider the most immediate bits of info required, and then do it. Your act of faith will give birth to something that did not previously exist. And you get to look-see-feel-hear-taste it. You will naturally learn from it. You will grow.

Theo Moorman, an outstanding textile artist, 1907-1990