Creativity + Your Everyday

"I'm NOT creative at all! I CAN'T draw/paint/sculpt/write/sing/dance! Only people who go to ART SCHOOL are creative!"

It's such a bummer when I hear people say this because it slams the door on any person just having a bit of fun with their absolute-you're-born-with-it creativity. 

Am I wrong? When you do something inventive or creative (knit, cook, sing, dance, tell a good story, collect beach glass, leap to catch a baseball) we LIKE it, we feel good. We own our actions.  

Somewhere along the line, this all became specialized and only people who get degrees in it get to experience it. The rest of us are left with feeling like outsiders, not smart enough and definitely not artistic.

That's where I come in. I'm kind of an art crusader. I believe that everyone is creative and that art is all around us. And I want to teach you everything you need to know to walk, talk and act the art part. I want you to feel comfortable with your artsy side. 

I have created 12 books; all magazine size and about 20-25 pages each. They are offered monthly and they are meant to teach you the wonderfully useful skill of creative thinking. They are geared towards a younger audience but, like Bugs Bunny, they are totally translatable to adult world speak. 

Every single thing I talk about will be demonstrated with things you encounter every day. All of the art concepts are taught using every day, run-of-the-mill objects. Take this first book, for example, it's all about seeing your world a little bit more creatively. And I use stuff I find on the sidewalk for examples. 

"Artistic" is just a fancy word for "Perceptive". And perceptive is, very simply, about looking at things just a little bit closer, just a little bit differently.  

My goal, is that you will finish the year feeling your creative identity bursting forth. You will no longer say "I'm not artistic" but instead will feel as comfortable talking about a kid's drawing as a painting in a museum. You won't feel like an outsider any more. And you will again experience the joys of being creative. 

If you would like to order Book One: The Pareidolia Project, please contact me here. And please let me know if you would like to subscribe to the whole year. 

Thank you for giving yourself permission to be creative again. 

See you soon!